Article 36 has joined the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack, which works to address the problem of targeted attacks on eduction – its institutions, personnel, and individuals who access it – during armed conflict.

The coalition’s goals are: increased awareness of the incidence and impact of attacks on education; better monitoring and reporting of these attacks; more effective protection measures; better adherence by conflict parties to international law regarding attacks against education; the development of stronger norms and standards; and improved accountability for attacks on education.

New international Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use during Armed Conflict were released in December 2014 at an event hosted by the Permanent Missions of Norway and Argentina in Geneva which Article 36 participated in. For use by both state and non-state armed forces, the guidelines are a result of a two-year process of development and extensive consultation with governments, militaries, UN agencies, and civil society. The guidelines provide concrete guidance for the planning and execution of military operations, and can also support monitoring, programming, and advocacy activities related to conduct in armed conflict. Norway has announced its commitment to champion the guidelines, and to lead a process for their endorsement by states in 2015. Twenty-nine states have already made public statements in support of the guidelines.

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Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack

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