Disarmament is a global concern, but global representation at multilateral disarmament forums is far from equal. Article 36 has undertaken a project to map and analyse low-income country participation across a range of multilateral disarmament forums addressing various weapons issues, including concerning conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

Our research has: mapped the participation of developing countries in a range of multilateral disarmament forums; looked at the factors behind the underrepresentation of developing countries at these meetings in terms of attendance and speaking; and examined measures taken to try and address these trends. Our goal is to strengthen understanding of the underrepresentation of lower-income countries at these forums. The project will also examine gender and regional representation, and the global disarmament and development agenda as well as the linkages between these issues.

The project has produced a number of policy papers and released a final report in April 2016. Article 36 also held discussions on the project’s findings and recommendations in 2015 and early 2016. Explore all the outputs of this project here.

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Disarmament, development and patterns of marginalisation in international forums

April 2016

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