From the BBC:  The PM spoke of his disgust at the Taleban for using a young boy as a suicide bomber, which he said would “offend public opinion not just in Britain but right across the world”.

This time, according to the BBC report, “two marines from 45 Commando and one from Commando Logistics Regiment died when a 13-year-old boy pushing a wheelbarrow towards them blew himself up.”

A search of Google News finds some 1,821 news articles picking up this theme.  The way the incident, has been picked up on and reported highlights the power of the “exploitation” theme in response to the theme of suicide bombing as “self sacrifice”.

An article on UK Indymedia rejects this framing, by suggesting the overall brutality of the recent Afghanistan experience does not support an assumption that such an act would have been driven by exploitation.

However, the key thing for the purposes of this argument are the structural dynamics – exploitation vs self-sacrifice – as themes that determine the meaning of events.

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