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3 weeks ago

Human control and autonomous weapons – new papers by Article 36

April 8, 2016  Comments are off
UN in Geneva © Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Ahead of the latest round of international talks on autonomous weapons systems, scheduled to take place at the UN in Geneva from 11-14 April, Article 36 has circulated a series of papers providing input to these discussions. While it seems clear that... Read more

Meaningful Human Control, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Weapons

April 8, 2016  Comments are off
Meaningful Human Control, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Weapons

With the recent rise in concerns over autonomous weapons systems, civil society, the international community and others have focused their attentions on the potential benefits and problems associated with these systems. As sensors, algorithms and munitions are increasingly interlinked, questions... Read more

Key elements of meaningful human control

April 8, 2016  Comments are off
Key elements of meaningful human control

The central area of concern regarding the development of autonomous weapons systems (AWS) is that they might lack the necessary human control in the critical functions of identifying, selecting and applying force to targets. Without the necessary human control, such... Read more

Article 36 reviews and addressing Lethal Autonomous ...

April 8, 2016

The United Kingdom and lethal autonomous weapons sys...

April 8, 2016

UK should clarify policy, support new law on autonom...

April 6, 2016

An urgent priority for humanity: lethal autonomous w...

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