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Science, technology and weaponisation

Innovations and developments in diverse areas of science and technology, from neurotechnology to new materials, and from information technologies to nanotechnologies, have the potential for significant and diverse impacts on human society, which bring both benefits and risks.
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Envisioning sustainable security – The evolving story of Science and Technology in ...

October 21, 2019  
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In his Agenda for Disarmament: Securing our Common Future, presented in 2018, the UN Secretary-General underlined the ‘need to establish a clear and credible vision for sustainable security’. He stressed that our concept of security must ensure the protection of... Read more

Acoustic weapons and “remaining vigilant” on science, technology and weaponisation

November 20, 2018  
Acoustic weapons and "remaining vigilant" on science, technology and weaponisation

Acoustic (or sonic) weapons, under research and development in a few countries, have been the subject of interest and much speculation for several decades. These devices have repeatedly captured the interest of the press, most recently when it was reported... Read more

New publications: Science, technology and weaponisation

November 26, 2017  
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New publications by Article 36 examine the ways in which developments in certain weapon technologies can present particular legal and policy concerns. In a series of papers released over 2018, Article 36 sets out why consideration of developments in science... Read more