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Banned cluster munitions, UN blacklisting and £1bn of explosive weapon sales

June 8, 2016  
© Ole Solvang/Human Rights Watch

Saudi-led bombing in Yemen, and the UK Recent developments and revelations regarding the actions of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen leave the UK government with a number of serious questions to answer about its policies and practice – including regarding... Read more

Disarmament, development and patterns of marginalisation in international forums

April 21, 2016  
Photo: ©ICAN

New report on unequal representation at multilateral disarmament forums Lower income countries are less likely to attend, speak at or hold formal roles in multilateral meetings on disarmament and weapons issues. Where they do attend, they field smaller delegations than... Read more

Event: Building broad-based initiatives on disarmament and the protection of civilian...

February 1, 2016  
Norway Mission discussion

On 26 January 2016, the Mission of Norway in Geneva hosted a lunchtime discussion about the underrepresentation of developing countries in international initiatives on disarmament and the protection of civilians, and how this issue might be confronted. The meeting looked at... Read more

Discussion on disarmament and development at the UN General Assembly First Committee

November 11, 2015  
UN building in New York. Photo: Ashitaka San

During UN General Assembly First Committee, Article 36 was following how states were discussing the interrelation between disarmament and development, and which states were drawing attention to these issues. Our week by week accounts, first published in Reaching Critical Will‘s... Read more

UK turns back on UN protection of civilians

November 5, 2015

Women and multilateral disarmament forums: Patterns ...

October 21, 2015

Cyberspace, disarmament and international security

September 30, 2015

Multilateral disarmament processes and implementing ...

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