Protecting Education from Attack


Protecting education from attack: Article 36 joins global coalition

7 months ago

Data Collection and the Safe Schools Declaration: Building Upon Current Practice

December 18, 2018  Comments are off
A destroyed school in Syria (Photo: Various agencies/Failing Syria report)

Worldwide, attacks on education continue to have serious consequences for the futures of children and communities living through conflict. These incidents range from threats and the recruitment of children into armed groups, to the deliberate targeting of educational buildings and... Read more

New paper: Humanitarian mine action and protecting education – making links thr...

November 26, 2018  Comments are off
Mine risk education held at a school in Lobonok Payam, South Sudan, following the clearance of landmines from the area (UNN Photo; Isaac Billy

New discussion paper This week, states are meeting in Geneva for the annual Meeting of States Parties of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty. The treaty has now been operating for almost 20 years, and was initiated in response to the... Read more

Growing support for Safe Schools Declaration

April 10, 2017  Comments are off
Growing support for Safe Schools Declaration

Schools and universities continue to be the target of deliberate and inadvertent attacks by armed forces worldwide, putting children, students and teachers at risk of harm and disrupting the provision of education in armed conflict. Attacks on schools have occurred... Read more

UK turns back on UN protection of civilians

November 5, 2015

37 countries commit to protect education from attack...

June 11, 2015