Protecting Education from Attack


Protecting education from attack: Article 36 joins global coalition

1 year ago

Growing support for Safe Schools Declaration

April 10, 2017  Comments are off
Growing support for Safe Schools Declaration

Schools and universities continue to be the target of deliberate and inadvertent attacks by armed forces worldwide, putting children, students and teachers at risk of harm and disrupting the provision of education in armed conflict. Attacks on schools have occurred... Read more

UK turns back on UN protection of civilians

November 5, 2015  Comments are off
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Thomas Nash The UK is set to break with a 15-year tradition by refusing to hold an open debate on the protection of civilians during its presidency of the UN Security Council in November. Its plan to forego an open... Read more

37 countries commit to protect education from attack, record casualties – but not UK

June 11, 2015  Comments are off

Schools and universities have been used for military purposes by government forces and non-state armed groups in 26 countries since 2005 – the majority of countries experiencing armed conflict during this period. The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack... Read more