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Charter for the recognition of every casualty of armed violence

3 years ago

The British Medical Journal on Syria, casualty recording and bombing in populated are...

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Syrian casualty data shows children most likely to be killed by bombs and shells by Thomas Nash In an editorial accompanying a study of casualty data from the conflict in Syria, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has underlined the urgency... Read more

Multilateral disarmament processes and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

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Multilateral disarmament processes and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015 Article 36 made a submission to the inquiry into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their implementation by the UK parliament Select Committee on International Development. Using data collected for our ongoing project to map the participation of developing countries in multilateral forums, our... Read more

37 countries commit to protect education from attack, record casualties – but not UK

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Schools and universities have been used for military purposes by government forces and non-state armed groups in 26 countries since 2005 – the majority of countries experiencing armed conflict during this period. The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack... Read more

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