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Cluster munitions and the CCW

November 7, 2011  No comments
Cluster munitions and the CCW

From 2000 until 2007, the United States and others rejected the idea of negotiations on cluster munitions within the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW). In November 2006, at the Third Review Conference of the CCW, the US, with support... Read more

Introduction – Pain weapons

April 27, 2011  No comments
Introduction - Pain weapons

What’s in a Name? The use of force is a social, political, and ethical problem.  When members of the police, military, paramilitary, sub-state groups or individuals apply force, questions need to be asked whether it was necessary and proportional. The... Read more

Has the UK looked at the legal status of Starstreak?

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Has the UK looked at the legal status of Starstreak?

So further to the post below, a Freedom of Information request has been submitted to the UK MoD regarding their analysis of the legal status of Starstreak. The request reads: Dear Ministry of Defence, Please could I receive documentation (including... Read more