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Introduction – nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons are massive explosive weapons that release their energy and destructive force through nuclear reactions - either fission or a combination of fission and fusion. A single nuclear weapon can devastate an entire city with blast, fire and radiation, making the weapon inherently indiscriminate and unacceptable.
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Historic negotiations to ban nuclear weapons starting in March

February 17, 2017  Comments are off
ICAN protest in Geneva

This spring at the UN in New York, states will start negotiations on a new treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons due to their catastrophic humanitarian consequences. These impacts render nuclear weapons fundamentally unacceptable and illegitimate in any hands – a fact... Read more

States vote to start nuclear ban negotiations in 2017, campaigners urge UK to join

October 27, 2016  Comments are off
States vote to start nuclear ban negotiations in 2017, campaigners urge UK to join

On 27 October, states at the UN General Assembly voted in favour of a landmark resolution mandating negotiations on a new treaty banning nuclear weapons in 2017 (see commentary on the resolution and the vote here). The majority of the world’s states support... Read more

UN talks conclude: Overwhelming majority of states want nuclear ban negotiations in 2...

August 19, 2016  Comments are off
ICAN protest in Geneva

On 19 August, talks at the UN in Geneva to identify ways forward towards nuclear disarmament concluded, with resounding support amongst states and a clear adopted recommendation for starting work on a new treaty comprehensively banning nuclear weapons as soon... Read more

Towards a humanitarian ban on nuclear weapons

August 4, 2016

UK parliament votes to keep nuclear weapons as momen...

July 19, 2016

Roundtable briefing on UN nuclear disarmament talks

May 31, 2016

State participation at the UN nuclear talks – who ...

May 17, 2016
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